Bathroom & Kitchen Faucet: 

Rivuss faucets are designed for a lifetime of use with light maintenance. Always take out any water from the faucet surface, as this will prevent buildup of stains and grime. Do not allow water to stay on finished brass of the faucet; this will cause a buildup of mineral deposits. Rivuss recommends using non abrasive sponge along with soapy water and a dampened soft cloth to clean its faucet product for keeping its luster and shine in perfect condition. If additional cleaning is required we recommend using bio-clean products for all RIVUSS faucets. 

Industrial cleaners and abrasive cleaners, such as those used in toilet bowls or heavy duty scrub sponges, scrubbing bubbles bathroom cleaner and Lysol Basin Tub, Soft Scrub, and Tile cleaner are notrecommended for the maintenance of Rivuss faucet products.

DO NOT use products that are bleach-based or have hydrochloric and phosphoric acids including caustic agents. These chemicals will ruin the finish of your RIVUSS faucet completely. We recommend avoiding harsh abrasives or polishes as it will compromise the integrity of the finish of our products.


Glass Vessel Sinks: 

RIVUSS Glass Vessel Sinks are hand crafted from the finest quality tempered glass which is durable and corrosion resistant. However, by following certain measures for care and maintenance you can keep its shine and luster for a lifetime.

RIVUSS recommends using a non abrasive sponge along with soapy warm water and a dampened soft cloth to maintain luster and shine of the glass sink. We do not recommend using any household cleaners to clean the product. Please do not apply any force or scrub the glass while cleaning your glass sink. 

RIVUSS fully stands behind the quality of its products. These guidelines are meant to address the majority of maintenance concerns.

Should you have any further questions regarding the care and maintenance of your RIVUSS product, please contact any RIVUSS Authorized Dealer, or contact our Technical Support Team @ 1-855-5-RIVUSS