Where do I buy RIVUSS products?
How many products does RIVUSS currently offer?
What other products will be sold by RIVUSS Brand?
What email address should I send my inquiries to?
What type of material is used for manufacturing RIVUSS faucets?
Are RIVUSS faucets Lead-Free and what does Lead-Free mean?
Are RIVUSS faucets certified and compliant?
What kind of Aerators do you use in RIVUSS faucets?
What brand of ceramic disc cartridge does your faucet have?
What type of finishes do you carry for your Bathroom faucets?
Where do I get waterlines and Drainage kit for your faucet?
Does RIVUSS Drainage pipe fit in a standard sink hole?
How do I take care of cleaning and maintaining my RIVUSS Faucet?
What kind of Warranty Policy does RIVUSS offer for its Faucet products?
What does the Limited Lifetime Warranty mean?
Am I required to hire a certified plumber or can I install it myself?
Does RIVUSS provide installation procedure for its products?
How do I connect with Rivuss Customer Service team?